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" what’s here is everywhere" (2003-04) is a group of paintings, sculptures, site specific installations and drawings spawned by a digital 'maker image' from which multiple forms are sourced. The image is constructed from maps, my photographs of various landscapes, flowers and altered text from Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans. Exhibited at POST Gallery, Los Angeles, California and in Topographies at the Walter and McBean Gallery, San Francisco, the Pasadena Museum of California Art, Pasadena and the Gallery of Art, University of San Antonio, Texas, "what's here is everywhere" parses elements of a single-source image out, and splays them all around in site–specific installations.

The paintings were devised by telescoping or zooming from a small corner detail of the original image to a complete overview, in incremental progressions of scale calculated by the Fibonacci method. These may be understood as degrees of zoom. These paintings in turn became sources for a series of architectural models, formed in wood relief. Installed on pedestals mounted on castors, the refracted imagery was both mobile and static, creating a Steinian sense of multiple possibilities; of clarity arrived at via confusion.

"What's here is everywhere, what's not here is nowhere" Installation view
"What's here is everywhere, what's not here is nowhere" Installation view
digital ink jet prints on canvas, oil, plaster, wood, cork, mdf